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Capital Campaign Readiness Study

The Fall Creek Library Board of Trustees will begin a Campaign Readiness Study to determine the financial capacity, leadership potential, general interest, and economic climate for a possible $7M campaign. The study will examine the support, opportunities, or challenges to raise funds for a proposed 18,700 sq. ft. building facility, including designated space for the Library and Village offices on the West of Mill Pond, North of Lincoln Avenue.

Proposed Building Project

Our library has embarked on an ambitious project to revitalize and expand our facility to better serve the needs of our community. This project is a significant undertaking that will shape the future of our library and have a lasting impact on our community for generations to come.

Community Input

You can view the proposed site plan, interior layouts, and renderings by Lien & Peterson here. 

You can view the slides from the library’s Community Input Session presentation here. 

Share your feedback through our Google Form here. 

Email feedback with us by emailing buildingproject@fallcreekpubliclibrary.org

FAQ – Updated 7/8/24

How & when did this project begin?

  • In July 2023, the library board approved a Strategic Plan for 2023-2027. Throughout our research in establishing our strategic priorities, investigation of the functionality of our current facility was a common theme in the feedback we received. We identified our facility as one of our strategic priorities.  
  • This led to a facilities assessment completed by our library system director and Wisconsin state expert in library buildings and spaces. The facilities assessment revealed numerous accessibility concerns and showed we are deficient in overall space for programs, materials, and services a library should be providing. To be competitive for future building grants, preliminary designs and a feasibility study with an architect are required.  
  • In August 2023, The Village Board approved the Library Board’s decision to hire Lien & Peterson Architects to complete a feasibility study and proposal for a new library building.  
  • In October 2023, a building advisory committee was formed, and work with Lien & Peterson began. 
  • In April 2024, the Village Board approved the Library Board’s recommendation to hire Crescendo Fundraising Professionals to complete a campaign readiness study. 

How will the new library be funded? 

Our goal is to fund a large portion of this project with the Flexible Facilities Grant from the State of Wisconsin. This grant, with a max award of 4.25 million, represents a significant opportunity for us to secure the financial support needed to bring our vision to life. We are actively pursuing this grant and are committed to making a compelling case for why our project deserves funding.  

In addition to this grant, we plan to supplement our funding from various sources through a Capital Campaign. This includes financial support from foundations, non-profit organizations, corporate sponsorships, naming rights opportunities, fundraising events, and individual donations. 

Quick facts about the Flexible Facilities Grant: 

  • Eligible projects are limited to libraries, community centers, and multi-purpose community facilities (excluding school facilities.) 
  • Maximum award: 4.25 million 
  • This is a one-time-only opportunity, not a recurring grant. 
  • Award notification will be in October 2024. 
  • Monies must be spent by September 30, 2026. 

Can we use the money for other projects in the Village? Instead of the Library? 

The available Flexible Facilities Grant funds are specific to public libraries and community centers. It will not fund any other projects like dredging the pond, fixing sidewalks, street improvements, replacing park equipment, or lowering water & sewer bills. 

What is the timeline for the new library project? 

The project’s timeline will depend on the Flexible Facilities Grant award as the grant has specific deadlines. The grant requires project completion by Septmeber 30, 2026. Various factors, including additional funding availability, design approvals, and construction timelines will also come into play. While we aim to move the project forward as efficiently as possible, we also want to ensure that we take the time to gather community input and make informed decisions at each stage of the process. 

How will you address pedestrian traffic at the new location? 

Addressing pedestrian safety concerns near the new library building is crucial for ensuring the safety and accessibility of the facility for all residents. We will work closely with the DOT to implement safety measures. Here are the strategies we are considering: 

  • Add signage and crossing lights at the current marked crosswalk across Highway 12 near Memorial Park. 
  • Increase the height of the concrete barrier between road and sidewalk across the bridge.  
  • Request a speed limit reduction to 30 mph to Water Tower Road. 
  • Extend the current sidewalk to the entrance of the future library.  

Do the Library, Village Hall, and Village Administration departments all need to be in the same building? 

No, they are not required to be. However, a shared multi-use building offers numerous benefits for a small municipality, including cost efficiency, space optimization, convenience for residents, community engagement, flexibility, streamlined operations, and enhanced services. By relocating to a new facility, our current building becomes available for redevelopment, providing valuable space for small businesses to set up shops and thrive. 

Why doesn’t the current building work? 

We have a challenging lack of space for the community and staff, for programming, and for the library collection. It is not energy efficient, does not meet ADA standards, and was not built with the current needs of the library and community in mind.  These conditions make it difficult for many people to use the current library facility.

    What amenities and features will the new library offer? 

    The new library will offer a wide range of amenities and features to meet the needs of our community. This includes technology resources, a community center, flexible meeting spaces, dedicated areas for children and teens, a maker space, quiet reading areas, an outdoor Amphitheater, raised garden beds, outdoor seating, and more. We are open to suggestions and feedback from the community on specific amenities they would like to see. 

    How can community members stay informed about updates and progress on the new library project? 

    Community members can stay informed about updates and progress on the new library project on our website: www.fallcreekpubliclibrary.org/buildingproject We are committed to keeping the community informed and engaged throughout the project’s development. 

    How can I get involved with the new library project? 

    There are many ways to get involved and contribute to the success of the new library project. This includes attending input sessions and public meetings, participating in surveys and focus groups, volunteering your time and expertise, and advocating for the library in the community. Your input and involvement are invaluable in shaping the future of our library! 

    Were other sites considered? Why are we considering the proposed location? 

    After careful consideration and thorough evaluation of numerous potential building sites, the building committee and our architectural & engineering firm identified several key factors that guided our decision: 

    • Lot Size 

    The chosen site provides the largest amount of land compared to other potential locations. This ample space offers many opportunities for the design and layout of the multi-use building and the incorporation of outdoor amenities and green spaces for recreational and community use. 

    • High Visibility Location 

    The selected site is in a high-visibility location in our village. This offers several advantages, including increased accessibility for residents and visitors, greater exposure to community events and programs held at the facility, and enhanced community engagement. 

    • Contingent Land Donation

    This significantly reduces the upfront costs associated with land acquisition, allowing us to allocate resources more effectively toward the construction and development of the multi-use building. 

      What is the purpose of building a new public library? 

      The purpose of building a new public library is to create a modern, accessible, and dynamic community hub that meets the evolving needs of our residents. The new library will provide expanded resources, services, designated spaces, and programming opportunities for people of all ages. 

      Why do we need a bigger library when we have the internet? 

      The internet is great and has become a central part of our daily lives. We provide free internet at the library year-round whether we are closed or open. However, the internet does not provide a physical space for community life and engagement. Additionally, our rural area has unreliable internet and limited availability; many households do not have access to fast or affordable internet. Besides providing access to the internet at our location, there are many tangible things the library offers, including: 

      • Opportunities to meet others, learn new things, and engage in Fall Creek community life. 
      • Space to study, take tests, conduct meetings, apply for jobs and certifications, tele-medicine, host events, play, and work. 
      • Fast, free Wi-Fi which can be accessed outside of the building as well as Wi-Fi hotspots patrons can check out to bring the internet home with them. 
      • Space which often serves as a much-needed respite from Wisconsin weather as a free-to-use place that is warm in the winter and cool in the summer. 
      • Physical materials including books, movies, and magazines, still account for most library checkouts. 
      • Tech support to help community members maneuver and adapt through constant tech challenges and changes. 
      • A place for community members to connect safely online. 
      • A one-of-a-kind space in our community where people of all ages are engaged. 
      • Affordable, accessible printing, scanning, and tech support. 

      What will happen to the old building? 

      That will be determined by the Village of Fall Creek Board of Trustees. Likely, it will be up for redevelopment to promote the downtown business district.  

      How will the new library be accessible? 

      The new design of the library will ensure that everyone can get to the library, maneuver within it, access materials, fully participate in activities, and feel welcome.  

      • Safe pedestrian walkways. 
      • Wider aisles clear of obstructions. 
      • Wider doorways, automatic door openers, and accessible door hardware.  
      • Well-identified wheelchair-accessible parking areas, pathways, and entrances. 
      • Restrooms that provide caregiver flexibility.  
      • Adequate lighting.  
      • Private study areas for customers who need to bring personal equipment, require the assistance of a reader, or are distracted by noise and movement. 

      I love this library! How can I donate in support of this project? 

      Please contact the Library Director, Charlene Conradi, to discuss your contribution. Checks made out to the Library Building Fund and dropped off or mailed to the library.