Library History

A History of the Fall Creek Public Library From 1954 to Present

By Harold Page

The Village Board met in the new Village Hall chambers for the first time on January 5, 1915 located on the corner of State Street and Grant Avenue. Then Mayor Julius Otto Ziemann broke out the best cigars to celebrate the occasion with the Village Council. The lower level of the building housed the fire department and the Village council met in the upper portion where they did business for the village until 1954 when they moved to the lower level of the brick building.

During the year of 1954 the upper level was converted to accommodate a new library. The Reverend Fritzmeier, who was a collector of books, donated 1000 books for the new library as noted in the Village Council minutes of their meeting on June 7, 1955.

Reverend Fritzmeir donated $200.00 to purchase additional books for the new library. The first Library board members were Lois Muenchow, Jim Smith, Kathy Korolewski, Doris Kunz and Mrs. Harvey Green. The board members went to Eau Claire to buy books to stock the new library with books of interest. Jim Smith picked out the kids books and the lady members bought the adult books.

Mrs. Harvey Green volunteered many hours to catalog the books, pasting in book pockets for the due date slips, and repairing the books where necessary. The efforts by many volunteers were necessary to officially have a functioning library by 1956. The library continued to reside in the old brick Village Hall until 1991. The Village Council purchased the Keller Furniture Store located on Lincoln Avenue in downtown Fall Creek for use as the new Village Hall in 1990.

Cheryl Zimmerman was the librarian at the time and with help from Pat & Len Madsen along with David Kaiser and others the library was moved from the old Village Hall into the new Village Hall location on Lincoln Avenue in 1991 and it is presently located there today.

Fall Creek Public Library

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Monday, Friday 9 am – 4 pm
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