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The Need

The Fall Creek Public Library has outgrown its 2800 square foot space due to increased library circulation, a greater variety of resources and services, and the advent of electronic technology. We need space for wireless computer users, recreational reading, programs and activities, and large and small group meetings. The current building is an accessibility challenge for our disabled patrons. Also, expanded library space for the children and youth of the community would provide a safe place for our young people to learn and socialize with others.

The Importance

Nothing demonstrates the vitality of a community better than a public library. Everyday people walk through our doors hoping to foster growth of one kind or another. A library is the great equalizer for all people. For over 50 years our library has collected and stored, answered and referred. It is an incubator of ideas, a place to relax, and a place of research. Studies document that public libraries are key institutions for healthy communities. As Ben Franklin aptly stated, “An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.” As an institution, a public library pays enormous dividends to its community.

The Solution

The library’s plan includes:

Additional square feet of space allowing for:

  • Collection growth
  • Programs
  • Classes
  • Computer users
  • Large and small group space
  • Preservation of historic architectural elements.
  • Fun, engaging, and inviting children’s area with a separate program area.
  • Improved handicapped accessibility, including a grade level front entry.
  • Space for additional computers and access to new technologies, with the infrastructure to support demand.
  • Increase in seating options, including quiet reading areas.
  • Self-service checkout options.
  • Separate delivery entrance to accommodate the growing use of library-to-library material transfer.
  • Larger and more efficient staff work spaces.
  •  A young adult area.
  • Two small group study rooms.
  • After-hours access to a large group community meeting room with kitchen facilities.
  • Restrooms convenient for library patron use.

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