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Library Board of Trustees

The Fall Creek Public Library is a municipal library established under section 43.52 of the Wisconsin Statutes. In accordance with the statutes, the library is governed by a library board of trustees composed of five members. Three of these trustees are residents of the Village of Fall Creek and are appointed by the Fall Creek Village Board for terms of three years each. One trustee represents Eau Claire County and is appointed by the Village Board for a three year term. In addition to these trustees, the statutes specify that the Superintendent of the Fall Creek Area Schools or designee shall serve on the library board.  The president of the Friends of Fall Creek Public Library and the Fall Creek Public Library Director are non-voting members of the library board.

The library board has control of the expenditure of all moneys collected, donated or appropriated for the library fund. The board also has control of the library land and building, the appointment of the library director, and the establishment of policies for the library.

Fall Creek Library Board meetings are held in the library on the first Tuesday of each month at 6:00pm.


Harold Page, President   715-877-2636               
Term ends June 2014 

Betty Walter, Vice-President   715-877-2315
Term ends June 2014

Sandy Peterson, Board Member   715-816-4010
Term ends June 2014

Herb Ruscin, Board Member    715-877-1642
Term ends September 2015 

Connie Zook, Board Member   715-877-2067
Term ends March 2015

Karen Mittag, Friends of the Library President   715-877-3421