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Adult Summer Reading Program


Starting June 1st, 2017 Ages 18+

Reading logs: Get a reading log at the Circulation Desk. Each book you read within a month, you can enter a completed log for a prize drawing at the end of each month! Grand prize drawing from all logs in August!


Book Reviews: Write a short book review for books you read. Receive $1 fine forgiveness coupon for every completed review. Reviews will be posted to FCPL's website for others to read! (limit 5/person, FCPL fines only)


 Reading Bingo: Pick up a Reading Bingo Card at the Circulation Desk. Count 1 square/book. Fill in the title of the item you finished and go to the Circ Desk to have it stamped. Complete 5 squares in a row to make "BINGO"! Receive prizes after your 1st completed square, 1st BINGO, and for each additional BINGO!


 Reading Program Book Reviews:


Gwendy's Button Box by Richard Chizmar and Stephen King

4 Stars- Rated by Lori


"Gwendy's Button Box by Stephen King is a fairly short book by King's standards. Gwendy, an overweight child, sets herself to climbing a set of outside stairs every day during her summer vacation for exercise. One day, she meets a stranger who has a gift for her. This being a Stephen King novel, the gift has several good and bad qualities to it. As Gwendy grows, she learns that her button box is more of a Pandora's Box than anything else. If you life King's horror novels, this is not one of them, however if you're a fan of his Backman books, "Gwendy's Button Box" is written much more along those lines."

Resting Happiness by Matthew Kelly

5 Stars- Rated by Joseph

"What the main purpose of this book was about was explaining all the different types of resistance and resisting. As well as how resistance and resisting affects our everyday life, happiness, and relationships. When we resist we're taking the easy road out and refusing to confron the challenge of obstacle head on".


A Dog's Purpose by W. Bruce Cameron

4 Stars-Rated by Jessica

"I loved the way it is from a dog's point of view. As an owner of many pets we tend to "talk" for our animals in what we think they are thinking. At the begining I had a hard time catching on to how the life cycle was changing but once I got into it , it was easy to follow. Great light reading."


The Longest Ride by Nicholas Sparks

4 Stars-Rated by Jessica

"Two love stories wrapped up in one. Intertwining them keeps you wondering what they mean to each other to the end. Nicholas Sparks is amazing in how he writes."

13 Reasons Why by Jay Asher 

5 Stars-Rated by Jessica

"Really good story line. More real than could imagine. Sad to think that kids these days are actually going down this path more than not. Eye opener for parents."

Dragonfly in Amber by Dianna Gabaldon

5 Stars-Rated by Stephanie

"This is the 2nd book in the Outlander series. It is hard to put down once you get started. Jamie and Claire continue their story living through the Scottish uprising of the mid 1700's. Claire is relaying the story to their daughter Briana."

The Librarians & the Mother Goose Chase by Grey Cox

4 Stars- Rated by Lori

"The Librarians & the Mother Goose Chase is the second in a series based on the TV show "The Librarians". A light, fantasy following the three new librarians and their guardian while they search to discover why Mother Goose stories are coming to life. The book follows Cassandra, Ezekial, Stone and Colonel Eve Baird, seperately on their investigations until the end chapters where their stories converge. A quick and light read, the Librarians & the Mother Goose Chase is a great choice to pick up if you've enjoyed the TV show at all."